Ellen DeGeneres posted an update about her injured chicken. On Friday, the veteran comedian posted a video on Instagram telling her followers about Sinky, her chicken, after the animal suffered from an injury in the leg.

In the video, the 65-year-old DeGeneres shared that after taking the injured Sinky to the vet, she found out that the chicken’s fibula was broken and that the chicken would need a month in a special facility for full recovery.

After sharing the news, DeGeneres joked about how she told the veterinarian, “You got to be ‘fibbin’ me.”

Then the comedian quickly confirmed that she had not made the joke, saying, “That’s horrible. And it’s nothing to joke around about. So yeah, my chicken has a broken fibula.”

Before providing this update, DeGeneres shared a video on Instagram on Thursday featuring the chicken in the bathroom sink before its appointment with the vet.

The former talk show host said that her wife named the chicken. The couple called the chicken Sinky since it was “basically living in [their] sink. I know it’s a stupid name. You can blame Steve Carell for that. He named her.” DeGeneres also has a tour of the bathroom equipped with everything that the chicken needs for recovery. She said, “There’s her food down there and some water for her. We put a nesting box in case she does want to lay an egg. We’re covering everything with towels so that it’s not slippery in case she wants to jump up.”

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