The vivacious Australian shepherd and the valiant German shepherd were combined to create this unusual breed. Both breeds have exceptional intelligence that will make them popular with anyone. 

A dog this intelligent is able to learn commands fast and integrate into a variety of working environments. These two agile breeds will combine to produce a strong athlete eager to impress the owner. 

The German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix is the interbreeding of the popular Australian shepherd and the huge, nimble, all-purpose German shepherd. Both breeds are herding animals, but historically the Australian shepherd has been a medium-sized sharp-eyed farmhand. 

Another name this breed goes by is the German Australian shepherd. They love their family dearly and are naturally protective. 

It can be anticipated that they will derive a special mix of their parent’s distinctive looks and personality. This is a robust medium to large-sized dog that will be devoted to its family.

The one taking care of these beautiful creatures will have to be a leader in order to provide increased physical as well as mental stimulation.

  • Overview: Hybrid (Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd)
  • Purpose: Intelligent working dog
  • Weight: 45-80 pounds
  • Size: 19-26 inches
  • Temperament: Intelligent, work-oriented, and people-pleasing

Appearance Of The Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix  

The German Australian Shepherd will likely share a combination of both their parents’ distinctive appearances. The differences present in the parent breed result in unique pups. 

They will be smaller than the standard German Shepherd but larger than the standard Australian Shepherd. Both parents are herding dogs but have quite a few differences in their appearance. 

Appearance Of The Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix  

Height and Weight 

A fully grown German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd mix will weigh anywhere between 45-80 pounds. The male dogs tend to be heavier than the female ones. 

Their heights range from 19-26 inches

Coat And Color 

German shepherds are known to be black or tan with a double coat. Whereas the Australian shepherd comes in several different mixes and colors with a medium-length coat. 

This gives us an idea that the resulting Australian German Shepherd mix can come in many different shades, with mixes of black, white, tan, gray, silver, and blue. 

Some Facts About Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix

Here are some cool things you would want to know about this dog:

  • Given their Australian Shepherd genes, they can have two different colored eyes. 
  • Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix are known to be very successful in agility competitions.
  • They are wary of strangers, which makes them good guards.
  • The Australian shepherd has the unique feature of having a mane/tuft of hair around its neck, which makes it possible that the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix could have it as well. 
  • This dog can be seen trying to herd small kids when its herding tendencies kick in.
Some Facts About Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix

    The most important thing about this breed is that it needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Daily exercise can help keep your German Australian mix happy and prevent any indoor destruction resulting from boredom. 

    Continuous training must be scheduled to keep their intelligent mind sharp and working.

    This mix will excel at herding, agility, and tracking.

    You must consider some sort of obedience training, whether or not you let them participate in games that feature their qualities. They are hard-working dogs, and they must be provided with enrichment to combat their boredom. Their extreme self-confidence and incredible intelligence are very suitable for high-powered jobs. 

    Oth their parents are used in the police and service jobs which makes their mix great problem solvers. They also have high energy given their herding genes. If not well exercised, they will let their owner know that they are bored. 

    Teh will bark, chew, and is to let you know they are bored. Tier energy levels match their unmatched love for their family. They would want nothing else except to be playing with their family. 

    They are very confident and a little wary of strangers. You can expect some barking when strangers enter the house. They make good watchdogs. They do not make good dogs for families that have guests over all the time. 

    But they are super easy to train, so socializing them while they are a puppy can help them get over wariness in adulthood. 

    Feeding And Diet Of The Australian Shepherd German Shepherd

    Feeding And Diet Of The Australian Shepherd German Shepherd

    When you have to decide which food to get your mix, look for high-quality dog food that will suit their age and size.

    Low-carb food is ideal for them. You must also keep in mind their exercise levels. Active dogs will need more protein to help keep their muscles healthy. 

    On average, 3 cups of kibble will give them 1000 calories per day. 

    Health Issues

    They are a normally healthy mix breed, but some issues do arise. Here are some of the concerns they may face:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some common questions that people ask when adopting this breed:

    How Long Does A German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Live?

    An Australian German Shepherd mix is generally reported to live between 12-15 years. It all boils down to their upkeep.

    How Much Does A German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix Cost?

    On average, a German Shepherd Australian Shepherd mix puppy will cost between $300-800. You can check out rescues and other breeders too. 

    Pros And Cons Of Owning A German Australian Shepherd

    This dog is as good as it gets. But you might want to keep a tab on what you are getting into before bringing them home. Here is an overview:


    • Make great watchdogs
    • Highly intelligent crossbreed
    • Perfect for those who want an athletic training partner
    • Agile and obedient
    • Fast learner 


    • Reserved around strangers
    • High drive to prey
    • Not suited for apartments
    • Needs a lot of exercise

    Key Takeaway

    These dogs cannot be kept in apartments and will not cope with being contained in small spaces all day. They require an open area to run around, with games and puzzles to keep them mentally stimulated. They might destroy things if bored or left alone for long periods of time. 

    The ideal owner will have to be able to provide these amazing creatures with mental as well as physical exercise. Their capabilities will amaze you, bringing together both their parents’ highly versatile backgrounds, finding joy in problem-solving, and being an energetic pupper. 

    If you have questions or you have thoughts to share about the German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

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