Are you worried about the solid german shepherd bite force? Well, you should be concerned because these police dogs are strong mainly due to their wolf-like physical appearance and a strong bite force. People usually appreciate these dogs’ loyalty and intelligence, but GSDs can be dangerous if not appropriately trained.

The bite force of a german shepherd is measured in PSI or pounds per square inch, and if you are wondering, what is the bite force of a german shepherd, the answer is a solid 238. This high score marks GSD as the most powerful canines globally. 

This powerful canine may attack due to a lack of training. So it’s best to know all you can about the German shepherd bite force before you decide to adopt one. Keep reading to learn about German shepherds, German shepherd bite force psi, and how dangerous their bites can be.

What Is the German Shepherd Bite Force?

German Shepherd Bite

It is essential to comprehend the german shepherd bite force because it provides a better understanding of how strong are german shepherds. The bite force is the actual strength behind a bite of a dog on the victim. Therefore, the strength with which a dog bites a victim is known as the dog’s bite force.

The level of pressure asserted by a dog, a GSD in this case, while biting its victim determines the extent of injury inflicted from biting – more power leads to graver wounds. The bite force of a German shepherd is so powerful that it can break human bones with one bite.

How Is Bite Force Of A German Shepherd Dogs Measured?

 German Shepherd Dogs Measured

As we already mentioned, the bite force of a german shepherd is a powerful 238 pounds per inch or PSI. PSI is used to find out how strong are german shepherds, especially their bite force. While calculating a dog’s PSI, you need to measure the pressure applied by the dog while biting.

The discovery of PSI has helped scientists and experts figure out all they need to know about the bite force of some of the most powerful dogs in the world, including German shepherds. Also, it is suitable for ordinary people since they can stay informed about their dog’s strength.

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How Strong Is A German Shepherd Bite Force?

How Strong Is A German Shepherd Bite

If you wonder how strong are german shepherds, the answer is they are mighty creatures – GSDs occupy 12th place on the list measuring the bite force of all dogs. Thus, the rank is evidence that there are more dangerous dogs out there, but at the same time, GSDs shouldn’t be dealt with delicately.

The german shepherd bite force PSI is a solid 238 – they can effortlessly injure or murder people. GSDs are the third most hostile breed of dog globally and happen to be the breed with the fifth most powerful jaws. So now you know why GSDs are commonly known for fatal attacks.

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Understanding German Shepherd Bite Force:

Why Do German Shepherd Dogs Bite?

 German Shepherd Dogs Bite

German Shepherds are so popular amongst families despite being dangerous – these dogs can be loving, docile, and protective with the right amount of care and training. GSDs are aggressive yet loyal, harmful yet protective, and intelligent. The total count of GSD attacks globally is low compared to attacks by other dogs.

The german shepherd bite force must not be considered scary because a GSD’s high intelligence significantly enhances their ability to receive training. In most cases, a lack of training might provoke a german shepherd dog to bite – their aggression comes out when they are not effectively engaged in any physical activity.

Additionally, the ferocious attachment capabilities of a german shepherd motivate them to attack anyone who may put their close ones in any immediate danger. So naturally, it is imperative to keep the GSD at your home trained properly and under sufficient control. After all, you don’t want your pet to attack your friends when they visit you.

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How To Avoid A German Shepherd’s Bite?

 Avoid A German Shepherd’s Bite

Now that you know what is the bite force of a german shepherd, it is only natural to think about how you can avoid getting bitten by one. The answer is simple training. With regular training and proper attention, worrying about the german shepherd bite force will become a thing of the past.

Training a german shepherd is not a complex task considering their high intelligence and well-developed attention spans. But, first, you must teach your GSD to obey your orders or listen to your commands. Soon, you will notice how your dog is no longer aggressive and instead has become your family’s best friend.

German Shepherds are often used as police dogs or guard dogs. The powerful German shepherd bite force and easy trainability make them popular amongst police officers. However, while working, these dogs are trained to be strictly obedient to orders – one mistake with an animal like a GSD can cost you a few bones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which Dog Has The Strongest Bite Force?

Mastiff has a reported bite force of 552 pounds per inch, making it the dog breed with the strongest bite force globally. A Rottweiler occupies the second spot with a bite force of 328 PSI, closely followed by the American Bulldog with a bite force of 305 pounds per inch.

2. Do German Shepherds Have A Powerful Bite?

The American Animal Hospital Association or the AAHA had conducted a study before concluding GSDs as a dangerous dog breed. GSDs are considered hazardous due to their frequency of biting and the severity of biting. In addition, these can be aggressive creatures if you fail to train them appropriately.

3. What Dog Has The Weakest Bite Force?

Pitbulls have the weakest bite force at 235 pounds per inch. Interestingly, Pitbulls have a passing temperament rate of 86.7 percent. On top of that, statistics on dog bite force also revealed Pitbull’s low pounds per inch score, making this dog breed one of the weakest in the world.

4. Why Do German Shepherds Bite Their Owners?

A well-trained GSD will perhaps never turn on their owner or bite them. GSDs are known for their loyalty, but for protection, if the dog is sick or scared, it might bite when provoked. Also, dogs with abusive or neglected pasts take time before trusting their environments and, consequently, biting

5. Can German Shepherds Beat A Wolf?

The German shepherd bite force is not strong enough to kill a wolf. However, an exhausted and hungry wolf separated from its pack can quickly kill a German Shepherd as wolves are relatively larger creatures with stronger jaws and sharper teeth. Also, wolves have a better bite force than GSDs.


Fortunately, a dog’s bite force, even the german shepherd bite force, can not make a breed terrible. Every dog can be aggressive, but that doesn’t mean they cannot become good pets with proper care. If you give your GSD the love it needs, you needn’t worry about its bite force.

If you have a new pet German Shepherd at home, take your time and bond with your new friend. A GSD is loyal and can be your best friend. Train your dog well and give them the same love they give you, not just occasionally, but every single day.

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