We all are fans of memes. Like we spend hours and hours scrolling down our social media to get out daily fill.

When it comes to memes, there is one particular category that stands out the most. No, we are not talking about funny moments that relate to our daily life or the darkest humor that makes us laugh; it is the memes on pet dogs.

From the cutest Maltese dog to the craziest and scariest Doberman, the single best part of these memes is to go around the world and see what these dogs are up to.

That said, let’s get into it.

Hilarious Dog Memes To Get You Through Life

It is pretty much a known fact that petting a dog can help you release stress. They might be animals, but their emotional consciousness is far more developed than any other animal. This is why humans can easily communicate with dogs emotionally.

When you enter your home, being welcomed by your pet dog can really calm you down. But what if there aren’t any fluff balls around for you to a pet? It is time to go for the next best option – Dog Memes.

Below we have listed down the top dog memes that are perfect little pick-me-ups for when you are missing a pup of your own.

“I Am Not Fat” Husky

“I Am Not Fat” Husky

This adorable husky became an internet sensation overnight, not because of its cute puppy eyes, but the insane relatability. By the judgment of the picture, one could say that the husky is a tad bit on the ‘healthier size.’ But hey! Curvy is right!

The meme goes,

“I am not, Ima a little husky.”

It is becoming a go-to comic relief for anyone who is being body-shamed over the internet to gain a few extra pounds. But huskies are cute, and so are they!

The Busy/Tired Dog

The Busy/Tired Dog

Another hilarious meme idea emerged from something which happens almost every day during work-from-home meetings. You could look utterly disinterested, but your furry friend is so eager to see what’s happening on the screen.

Thus, started the infamous busy dog meme!




It is always fun to see dogs act like us when in reality, these pets have it so easy. But what would we do without them?

Anything Cheems

Anything Cheems

Cheems is the most famous dog meme of all time. So much that it literally boomed the well-known meme coin Dogecoin.

Anything cheems is so unrelatable and funny that it can lighten your day. This meme has covered everything from Smiling cheems to sad cheems to bodybuilding cheems to even bird cheems.

The Smiling Dog

Just imagine a puppy who is smiling like you are their favorite ‘Hooman.’ This is what the smiling dog means. This is something in between a big photographic “cheese” and puppy eyes, and perfect when you want to make a cute apology meme.

If not anything else, we can at least appreciate these dog memes for their very photogenic faces.

The ‘Shocked Eyes’ Dog

The ‘Shocked Eyes’ Dog

Imagine a dog with a good conscience, and suddenly they realize they are at the vet and not the “pet.”

This shocked dog eye is so relatable that it became meme-worthy!

Since they imitate the shocked face so perfectly, it is perfect for any shocking experience.

“They put pineapple on a Pizza!”

“They are still friends with their ex!”

“They have not watched Star Wars.”

Yes, any red flag across the individual, you can have an excellent dog meme on your hand.

What Is This Cold You Speak Of

What Is This Cold You Speak Of

You can relate to this meme if you have a cold-weather breed like Samoyed. Samoyed is Siberian huskies who are known for their warm fur.

It is freezing outside; you just want to sit inside and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, but not this dog. They are perfectly fine to roam outside even if it’s snowing.

After this meme, there is a popular saying that in circulation, you can take Samoyed to artic, but you can’t take artic out of Samoyed.

While all other dog breeds like to chew on toys, this particular dog is happy to enjoy the cold breeze.

Monday…Just Monday

Monday…Just Monday

We all hate Monday! It is the start of the week when we need to prepare for what’s coming. Even this little French Bulldog knows.

Mondays are the worst!

You have just enjoyed your weekend, and the workweek begins.

We both share the same sentiments. We just want to lay around doing nothing just like this little pup here.

What! The Ball Was In Your Hand The Whole Time

The Ball Was In Your Hand The Whole Time

Admit it!

We all have done this at least once to our little pups.

Showing them the throwing action and not actually throwing the ball was way more fun. Your dog will do everything to find the ball and eventually return heartbroken.

If that is not fun enough, it is certainly enjoyable to find your dog’s facial reaction after letting them have the ball in your hand all this time.

My dog even tried to bite me for this mischievous act. Well, that is to be expected…hahaha.

I Don’t Always Bark At Anything, Just Kidding. I Do

I Don’t Always Bark At Anything, Just Kidding. I Do

Hahahahaha… that was hilarious.

Who can relate to these with their dog?

If you have been a dog owner, there have been times when you just started barking without any rhyme or reason…or at least not one that you can figure out.

Why Not Create Your Own Dog Meme?

While you are enjoying these dog memes, don’t you think your dog has its moment which can perfectly relate to your life? If so, instead of just enjoying what other dogs are doing, use a meme creator platform to create your own meme of your dog.

The platform comes with a paid and free template that lets you design different memes. What’s more, you will also find stock images for free if you want to try something new.


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