Is it a cat or a dog? The most popular Vietnamese dog, which is the Hmong dog, is a rather peculiar dog breed that doesn’t even look like a dog. There are many people who even think this dog is a unique mix breed of a dog and a cat but is it so? 

Today in this article, we are going to find out what the Hmong dog exactly is, what is its origin story and why it is not like your typical dog. Let’s solve this mystery together. 

The Hmong Dog Origin: The Cat Dog Mix Breed

The Hmong Dog Origin: The Cat Dog Mix Breed

The Hmong dog is a new dog breed that is rapidly gaining popularity; it is originally from Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam. This dog has very particular physical features and personality.

From ancient days in Vietnam, this dog was used as a hunting dog by the people of Hmong. The Hmong people used to cut the ears and tail of these dogs as they thought it made them look more fierce than they actually were. 

The cut tail and ears were thought of as the reason why these dogs were great at hunting inside the deeper woods. That is the reason why these Hmong dogs were known as the Hmong docked-tail dog before. 

In Vietnam, there are four dogs that are regarded as national treasures of the country, they are.

  • Hmong Dog
  • Lai Dog
  • Bac Ha Dog
  • Phu Quoc Ridgeback

All these dog breeds are different than each other, but they are from the same country. The Vietnamese people often export these dogs from one part of the country to another, but never outside the country. 

That is the reason why the AKC does not recognize this dog since it is not found there in Western countries. This dog breed is very special for the Vietnamese people as they are passed down to them from the indigenous Vietnamese people. 

As per the Vietnamese Kennel Association, the breed o Hmong dog is considered to be unique and one of the rarest dog breeds in the world. Because of its uniqueness and rarity, the Vietnamese protect this dog breed fiercely. So if you get your hands on one of these dogs, then consider yourself lucky. 

Appearance Of The Dog

Hmong Dog Appearance

Since ancient times, this dog was known to be a great companion for humans as hunting dogs. Due to this, the Hmong dogs are capable of building up strong muscles and are generally extremely fit. 

The Hmong dog looks kinda like a pitbull as they are compact and short in shape and size. Fur color of their coat is mostly black, white, or brown, and the color is usually of solid color. These Hmong dogs have a very almond eye shape, and their ears are always straight up. 

These Hmong dogs have mesmerizing smiles and are sure to melt your hearts; they are very friendly and love to be petted. The standard Hmong dogs look very similar to Corgis, so to make them more aggressive and fierce, people used to cut their tails and ears. 

The intriguing part of these dogs is that they look like a cross between a cat and a dog. Although this is not the case, their facial features are surely like a cat’s. Due to their furry nature coat and heavy body build-up, you can even think of them as little bear cubs. 


Hmong dogs are known for their high intelligence, responsive, and fast learners; that way, these dogs are eerily similar to German Shepherds. The connection and interaction the Hmong dogs have with their owners are really amazing to look at. 

Being great at sniffling and patrolling makes these dogs great as military dogs. Since working hard on a daily basis is in their genetics, without a job, these dogs tend to become destructive and maladjusted. 

It is very important for them to please their owners, so keeping them busy is a great way to release their energy. You can make them chase a ball or take them out on long walks, which is surely gonna tire them out. 

Where Do I Get One?

If you are looking to get a Hmong dog yourself, then let me say that is not gonna happen if you are not from Vietnam. Vietnamese people protect this dog breed from going outside the country, which is why AKC haven’t registered this dog breed, as they are not found in Western countries. 

Due two the rarity of the dog breed, even if you get one, it would cost somewhere around $3000 for just one. Are you willing to spend that much? The Hmong dog is nearly impossible to track outside the country of Vietnam. So getting one for yourself is quite impossible. 

Even if you can’t get one of these Hmong dogs due to their rarity, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a few facts about this amazing dog breed. So here are a few facts about the Hmong dog, which you probably know by now. 

  • The Hmong dog is not registered with the American Kennel Club but registered with Vietnam Kennel Association, officially as a unique dog breed. 
  • The Vietnam Kennel Association holds an annual dog show to celebrate the Hmong dog. 
  • If you wanna buy a Hmong dog, then you should know that the cost of one dog is around $3000. 

Bonus Section: Unrecognized Mastiff-Type Dogs From Asian Countries

It is possible that you heard about the Hmong dog for the first time, and it is only natural that this has sparked your interest. Now if you are also looking for a special and unique dog that has a distinctive look then you might be into Mastiff-type dogs. 

Here is a lost of ten types of unrecognized dog breeds similar to Mastiff, apart from the Hmong Dog, that might prove to be interesting to you. 

  • Bac Ha dog,
  • Kai Ken dog,
  • Thai Bangakaew dog,
  • Nepali Hill dog,
  • Japani Sanshu dog
  • Shikoku dog
  • Bhutia dog
  • Bangar Mastiff
  • Pandikona Hunting dog, and
  • Kintamani dog.

Wrapping Up!

Now that we have learned that the Hmong dog is a unique blend of intelligent, strong, and adorably unique dog breeds but is only found country-specific. 

You will not find this dog outside Vietnam, where the people regard the dog as a national treasure and are very protective about exporting it outside the country. 

This dog is among the oldest dog breeds since their origin cannot be tracked, but due to social media, the breed is getting more and more popular. So if you liked this article about such a special and unique dog breed, then leave us a comment below.

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