Are you a family that is looking to adopt or get a new medium-sized dog breed to join your family?

Do you what are the best breeds of dogs that are suitable for first-time pet parents and adjust well to families?

Have you looked at the best dog breeds to understand whether they will be able to adjust to apartments or smaller homes?

If you reading an article on the best medium-sized dog breeds, then you must be considering a new addition to the family. In that case, congratulations! You have landed on the right article.

Getting a new pet to join your family can be one of life’s greatest moments. The warmth, love, attraction, and planning of new activities with your furry friends can create unmatched levels of happiness.

In this article, we speak to leading veterinarians and ask them to list down the best medium-sized dog breeds. We request them to consider issues like- grooming, maintenance, adjustment with kids, overall health, and exercise levels.

Medium Sized Dog Breeds: The Best Choice Between Small And Big Breeds Of Dog

First things first- why do many experts suggest medium-sized dog breeds over their smaller or larger counterparts?

The answer is pretty simple. Let us try to sum them up in the following bullet points:

  • Smaller or tiny dog breeds are too delicate especially for families with smaller children. Tiny dogs might get exhausted keeping up with children who have higher levels of energy.
  • Larger dog breeds are just too heavy and big and can knock down children. They will not do it on purpose, but their playful nature might lead to inadvertent accidents.
  • Medium-sized dog breeds have been scientifically proven to have lower health risks than both small breeds and larger ones.
  • Families that have children can be certain that the medium-sized dog will be able to have just the right amount of energy to keep up with young children.
  • In terms of levels of maintenance, they are far more affordable than larger breeds. Grooming, requirements of food, and medicinal supplements are also lower.

The versatility of the medium size is what makes them just perfect! Also, they possess all the good traits of both smaller dog breeds and larger ones.

Medium Sized Dog Breeds: The Size Considerations According To Experts

Before we get to the list of the top ten best medium-sized dog breeds, let us first look at the size factor. There are three areas or factors that determine the medium marker for these breeds-

1. The Height

According to veterinarians, a medium-sized dog should measure between 15 to 25 inches when measured from its shoulders. Some medium-sized breeds can go beyond inches and settle below 30 inches. Retrievers, Dalmatians, etc. are some examples.

2. The Weight

A medium-sized dog should weigh anywhere between 40 to 80 pounds. However, here too Labrador Retrievers are notorious for putting on weight and can touch the 90-pound level. However, there is where you need to reduce the weight of the dog and keep it within 80.

3. The Lifespan

Smaller dogs have a shorter lifespan. We are talking somewhere in the range of 6 to 8 years. Medium-sized dogs if properly taken care of having a lifespan of anywhere between 10 to 14 years. Likewise, larger breeds vary in their lifespan between 12 to 16 years.

However, it should be pointed out that the above ages are not absolutes. At the end of the day, it depends on the care, health, nutrition, and levels of exercise you are giving to your dog.

List Of The Top 10 Best Medium Sized Dog Breeds According To Veterinarians

Before we get to the list, I want to clarify one simple thing. This list has not been made to rank dogs from 1 to 10. In other words, all dogs are good dogs and all breeds are good breeds. It all depends on what a family is looking for according to their specific needs and requirements.

1. Labrador Retriever

Movies, serials, advertisements…One look at the Labrador Retriever and you will know what the American Kennel Club has voted it as the Number One Family Dog in the USA for the last 10 years.

The smile, size, and love that you are going to get from the Labrador Retriever might be one of the most special feelings in the world.

They do not require a lot of grooming. Gentle brushing once-a-week is likely to suffice. They are eager to please and are great with children. Their high energy levels will force you to go on long walks, play fetch and take them for hiking trips.

Labrador Retrievers tend to put on weight of their diet is not controlled. This is why you need to look out for the same. They also suffer from some of the medical problems that larger dog breeds suffer from like Hip Dysplasia and Bloating issues.

2. Samoyed

If adorable and downright cuteness is what you want in your family pet, then the Samoyed is the best option. Lovably referred to as ‘Sammies’, this dog breed used to historically help pull sleds in the cold north.

Their white and luscious fur resembles the snowy region from where they have origins.

They are an affable dog breed that is perfectly suited for families with children. They love long walks and are always looking for human companionship.

The AKC mentions them as one of the smartest dog breeds. If you are someone that wants to teach their dogs every trick in the book then you should look at the Samoyed.

However, their smartness also has a destructive side to it. This is why they need regular exercises to release all their pent-up-energies. You also need to concentrate on grooming. They need to be brushed once a day as they shed a lot!

3. English Bulldog

For the past few decades, many families are going for the English Bulldog as the perfect family companion. Their unique appearance, great personalities, and walking styles have found many admirers in different parts of the world.

English Bulldogs are affectionate creatures that do well in homes with young children as well as large families.

They are also very loyal, friendly, and extremely courageous. If you or someone you know has an English Bulldog they will vouch for their attention-seeking nature. They want to be around people all the time and will do anything to please their family members.

Experts point out that English Bulldogs need to be looked at in terms of their diet. They put on weight fast, which can lead to health problems. They can also get stubborn if they feel they are being ignored. They have been voted as one of the best dog breeds for families.

4. Siberian Husky

Wolf-like appearance, blue eyes, and a strong personality, the Siberian Husky is a great dog breed. These dogs have descended from pack dogs that pulled sleds in the arctic and polar regions.

This means that they are pack dogs. However, when brought into a family, they start thinking of the members of the family as their packmates.

Huskies are high-energy dogs that do well in families that have young and enthusiastic children. They are very smart dogs that are always on high alert. You need to remember that regular exercising is essential to burn off all their stored energies. They have descended from working dogs.

The Siberian Husky is a dog that thrives in colder climatic conditions. If you are someone that lives in a tropical climatic zone, it would be best to not go for a Husky. Besides, proper temperament and socialization training is essential to guard against destructive behavior.

5. Dalmatian

Known fondly as the Fireman’s Dog, Dalmatians make for great family pets. They are a medium-sized dog breed that has a friendly disposition. They are also very protective of their family members, especially young children.

Most attest this to the fact that they had been bred to guard coaches and horses during earlier times.

Many experts are confused on grounds of segmenting Dalmatians between a medium or a large breed. However, their weight, sleek appearance, and little grooming needs qualify them in the medium-sized dog breed parameter.

Experts state that Dalmatians need a human company to thrive. This means that this is not a dog you can leave alone and let be. If you do, then you will see a destructive side to their nature that you previously did not know existed.

You should include your Dalmatian on all your family things from indoor games to outdoor hikes. They are a high-energy dog breed.

6. Australian Shepherd

If you are a family that loves trekking, camping, and cycling then the Australian Shepherd is the breed for you. This dog breed is the perfect companion for all your family adventures. They are loving, caring, great with kids, and do not suffer from a lot of medical conditions.

While they are high-energy dogs, what makes them great for families is their disposition towards kids. Their gentle nature is the real hero, allowing them to fit easily into families that have young children.

They are also extremely loyal and protective of their family. Their herding and guarding instincts will be for all to see when you take them to a public place.

The Australian Shepherd requires a minimum of two hours of exercising. The breed is high-energy and requires a family that lives in a home with a large open space. They are not recommended for families that live in apartments.

7. Border Collie

Just like the Australian Shepherd, the Border Collie requires a lot of exercises to release its energies. Many studies have shown that the Border Collie is the smartest and most intelligent breed of dog that can become a family pet. Given their smartness and intelligence, you can train them to do several things.

If you are someone who is considering entering agility shows then the Border Collie is a perfect choice. The Border Collie can tear up an agility course and leave other breeds in the rear-view mirror. They are also very gentle with children and this is what makes it an ideal medium-sized dog breed for a family.

However, it is important to ensure that your Border Collie is getting outdoor exercises. If they aren’t, they tend to get depressed and exhibit the same in a form of destructive behavior. An active lifestyle is what suits them the best.

8. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound has been historically bred for its strong-smelling powers. In Africa, protectors guarding against poachers use Basset Hounds for tracking purposes. The Basset Hound is a medium-sized dog breed with small feet, a longish body, and incredibly big ears.

The long ears are what allows them to disturb the trail and release the scent, which the dog then tracks. In recent years, many families have fallen in love with this dog breed because of their lovable appearance and low levels of exercise requirements.

Their pet parents must take care of their body skin and ears. Regularly cleaning their ears, which are always on the ground will prevent them from getting infected.

They are also great for families that live in apartments as they do not require a lot of exercise. They can be couch potatoes, so regular walks are recommended by veterinarians.

9. Bull Terrier

Funny, adorable, protective, and loyal, the Bull Terrier is a strong medium-sized dog breed. Their lovable nature and goofy personalities make them one of the best dog breeds for families. They are big on muscles and are loved by pet parents that want a medium-sized yet intimidating dog breed.

Bull Terriers are an incredibly active dog breed and require a lot of outdoor activities. This is what prevents them from turning into destructive pets that can have bouts of zoomies!

Experts suggest proper training is required to make them socialized and well-tempered.

If proper training is not done, the Bull Terrier can become an aggressive breed. They are an incredibly powerful dog breed that needs a strong master to control it. If you doing the basics right, they are a great dog breed to have in your family.

10. Mutts And Mixed-Breed Dogs

If you are someone that is looking to adopt an older dog, might we suggest dropping by the local rescue and getting your new family companion?

There are thousands of mixed-breed dogs or mutts that are lying helplessly in rescue centers and adoption homes. Like any other breed mentioned above, they are lovable, friendly, and have a great temperament.

You can always get in touch with volunteers that are working with the shelters and ask around for dogs and their histories. We need to be prepared for some resistance from the dogs, as they have been used to bad and poor conditions and treatments.

You must give a dog from the shelter sometime to adjust to his or her new home. We need to be patient and try to win the trust and confidence of these innocent animals. Once you can do that, they will become great companions for your home.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are opting for a medium-sized dog breed, small or a large one, some things are common-

  • You will need to dedicate a lot of time, attention, love, and care to bringing them up.
  • There is a strong financial aspect to consider even if you are providing for the basics.
  • Talking to your family and getting emotionally prepared for the same is required.
  • Getting a dog is a lot of responsibility that will stay with you for many years.
  • You need to consider them as family members and include them in your plans.

If you are ready to make a commitment based on the above five points, then you are ready to get a dog. A medium-sized dog breed can be the perfect addition to your family.

If you want any other information from our experts, please do not forget to write to us. You can also drop your queries in the comments below. We will try to answer as many of them as possible.

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