What Is A Piebald French Bulldog?

Pied or Piebald is the name given to a breed of French Bulldog that has a predominantly white coat with large dark patches on various parts of its body, particularly on its back, under its neck, around its ears, and around its eyes. In order to be classified as a Pied, a Frenchie must have 50 percent of white patches or spots on its body and another color must be present on its head, neck, and other parts of its body. The spots or patches may also be dark gray, black, brown, or some other color.

Pied French Bulldogs can be classified as Fawn Pied, Cream Pied, Blue Pied, or any other type of Pied. Pied should not be confused with the breed Brindle, which is a solid color coat with lighter colored hairs intermingled with darker colored patches or spots.

What Is Autosomal Recessive Heredity?

A dog’s genes are stored on structures called chromosomes. There are 39 pairs of chromosomes in a dog. One of the 39 pairs is a sex chromosome. This sex chromosome is what determines whether a dog is a male or a female.

What Is Autosomal Recessive Heredity

When it comes to autosomal inheritance, autosomal means that a gene is found on one of the 38 other pairs of chromosomes. That means that a male dog and a female dog are just as likely to inherit the same gene.

On the other hand, recessive inheritance means that a dog needs to inherit both copies of that gene in order to show the trait (i.e., a pied coat). A dog that only inherits one copy of that recessive gene will have no pied coat at all. Instead, they will be carriers.

What To Expect When You Adopt?

Piebald are average shedders which means they won’t be losing much hair. A weekly brushing schedule keeps most fur coat troubles away. Brushing their hair once a week allows their natural oils to be distributed evenly and also happens to be a sort of massage for this breed. 

What To Expect When You Adopt

Your pupper is going to love grooming sessions at home because of how comfortable it makes them to be brushed. Investing in a good grooming glove can make the experience better for your dog as it straightens out the dog’s fur and has a therapeutic effect physically. Pied owners recommend getting one of these.

Their facial wrinkles and ears are most vulnerable to collecting dirt and grime. They also get under their tails which makes it a ,ust to clean them properly as it may lead to bacterial infection. Cleaning them also demands that you dry them thoroughly. A Pied Frenchie’s nails grow uncontrollably wrong which needs grooming regularly. They are not particularly active dogs so it will require you to take the necessary steps to keep them comfortable and clean. 

Being a low energy breed, these puppers need less exercise than others. Some of the best exercises for this breed is catching a ball, chasing a hanging toy, shorts walks and playing with motion activated toys that cover all aspects of their exercise. 

This frenchie can’t swim which means you can’t leave them around water bodies. Their short muzzles make them bend forward, not supporting their bodies to stay afloat. Their large heads and short legs also make it troublesome to stay in the water for long. 

Health Issues Faced By The Pied Frenchie

The health problems faced by the likes of the pied merle french bulldog or the brindle piebald french bulldog are a few but when taken care of in a timely fashion, they can be manageable. Some of the problems include:

Brachycephalic Syndrome

Brachycephalic Syndrome

Their face shape causes various complications such as obstructed airways, eye socket problems, narrowed nostrils and dental issues. These implications could cause snoring, snuffing, loud and labored breathing, or collapse of the airways.

Color linked deafness

Color linked deafness

Pigment related hereditary deafness is common in light haired frenchies such as the white piebald french bulldog, fawn piebald french bulldog also known as the fawn pied french bulldog, and the blue pied french bulldog. Make sure you get your dog’s hearing tested before you take this baby home.

Patellar Luxation

Patellar Luxation 

This is one of the most common issues with smaller dog breeds. This orthopedic condition occurs when the patella or kneecap slips out of position.

Eye conditions

Eye conditions 

Frenchies are known to suffer from eye conditions and vision impairments such as entropion,cherry eye, and juvenile cataracts.

Heat and cold intolerance

Heat and cold intolerance 

Susceptible to heat exhaustion, Frenchies often need air-conditioned environments. They cannot be outdoors on hot days. They can also get cold easily so keeping them in cold conditions isn’t ideal either. Their short coats make them sensitive to temperatures both high and low. Living in cold regions will ask for these Frenchies to be dressed in winter jackets. 

Prone to obesity 

Prone to obesity 

Frenchies have heavy bone structure so gaining weight will just add to their baggage and make everyday living uncomfortable for them. Monitoring their weight and diet can help keep them healthy and agile. 

Colors That The French Pied Bulldog Is Available In

Colors That The French Pied Bulldog

The Frenchie is known for its attractive fur coats and combinations. Some of the most unusual colors in Frenchies are-

  1. Fawn Pied French Bulldog: Has a white coat with fawn patches or a fawn color with black patches.
  2. Brindle Piebald French Bulldog or Brindle Pied French Bulldog: This dog has a solid-colored coat that is interspersed with lighter-colored hairs.
  3. Cream Pied French Bulldog: Has cream coats with patches of fawn.
  4. Pied Merle French Bulldog: Has a light base coat with darker mottled patches all over.
  5. Blue Pied Frenchie: Have blue coats with patches of white or cream.

In Conclusion…

These cute little puppers are sure to delight you with their gentle demeanor and cuddly temperament. Now that you know quite a bit about the piebald french bulldog, it should help you decide if you want to bring one of these home. They are a companion for life and want nothing but love in return. Tell us in comments about your experience if you have or had a Frenchie.

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