“The Pineranian is a small pooch with a fierce personality, but if trained on time, it will be the sweetest lapdog.” The Pineranian is a great combination of affectionate, friendly, and intelligent dog breeds, as this dog got all the best qualities of the parent breeds.

The high-spirited and fierce breed of Miniature Pinscher and the smart and cute Pomeranian are both great breeds, making a designer hybrid dog.

If you wanna know more about this amazing designer hybrid dog breed, then let’s scroll down to read along to know more about them.

Breed Overview

Pineranian  Breed Overview

Before we get to know more about this big personality and attention-seeking dog breed, here are a few important details that you need to know.

Height8 – 10 inches.
Weight5 – 10 lbs.
Lifespan13 – 15 years.
Best Suited ForSeniors, families without kids, singles, and apartment dwellers.
TemperamentSweet, energetic, intelligent, affectionate, cuddly, playful, friendly, extrovert, stubborn, confident, sociable.
Comparable BreedsMiniature Pinscher, and Pomeranian
Activity LevelHigh – Low
UsageCompanion Dog and Family Dog
AnatomySquare, sporty, and slim

Pineranian Origins

Pineranian Origins

Same as any other designer dog breeds, the smaller dog breed of Pineranian dog breed is a very recent dog breed. The ideal combination of the Pom and Mini Pin is an accidental and unplanned designer hybrid dog breed.

In the last decade, these dog breeds have been quite popular, hence more and more litter is being produced on a daily basis. Even though the dog breed is only a few decades old, the Pineranian has a long and rich history going back to the 17th century.

The parent breed of the Pineranian, the Miniature Pinscher, was first bred in the 17th century in Germany. While the Pomeranian was bred originally in Germany during the 1800s, where they do work as sheepdogs. But with more and more time, they were bred as lapdogs and designer show dogs.

Temperament & Behavior

It is difficult to say for designer hybrid dogs what their personality type is since there is no way to say which parent breeds the personality the puppy would get. Since the Miniature Pinscher is a great guard dog, it is believed that the Pineranian dog also inherent that particular quality.

Due to the Mini Pin, the Pineranian also tends to have an investigative curiosity personality and is quite inclined towards that personality aspect. But when it comes to the other Pomeranian parent, the Pineranian inherited a popular, friendly attitude and intellectual personality.

If the Pineranian dogs are socialized properly, then they will grow up to be very friendly and become the sweetest pooch ever. The Pineranian has a huge attitude and personality being so small. When irritated, these dogs can be quite snippy and bossy, sometimes edging towards aggressive.

When it comes to Pineranian pupper, these pooches love to be the only baby of the family, these puppies love to be the center of attraction. So if you have a small kid at home, then it is not great to own a Pineranian.

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Health Problems & Exercise Requirements

Pineranian Dog Health Problems

In the case of most designer dogs, the parent breeds are known to have certain health issues, which can pass on to the hybrid dog breed. But in most cases, the puppy bred from reputable breeders can turn out to be quite healthy and without any such diseases.

  • Permanent Tremor

Tremors are quite common and often psychological in smaller dog breeds. These tremors are usually permanent.

  • Eye Infections

Most of these chronic eye infections are usually painful in most dogs, but they can be treated with medicines. In most rare cases, the cornea of these dogs should be treated.

  • Nervousness

It is quite common and frequent that thin and smaller dog breeds tend to suffer from consistent nervousness.

  • Elbow Dysplasia

In most dogs, big or small, elbow dysplasia is a common type of chronic health problem. This health disease is a complex version of the elbow joint in most fast-growing dogs.

  • Hip Dysplasia

Just like elbow dysplasia, hip joint dysplasia, or hip dysplasia, is also a common type of health disease that is due to the maldevelopment of dogs on the hip joints.

  • Heart Disease

Certain kinds of heart disease are quite common and frequent among dogs, but these health problems can be treated easily with medication.

  • Patellar Luxation

In most dogs patellar luxation is a common type of health problem that happens in most dogs. It is a type of kneecap displacement and can cause lameness in dogs.

Food & Diet

It is very important to know that a balanced diet is very much needed for a Pineranian puppy, that way, you will ensure good health for your puppy. It is very important to pick the best-balanced diet for your Pinerinian puppy.

If you own a small puppy, then you should know the “rule of thumb” that small hybrid dogs will do great with pet food for any other small dog breed. If your puppy takes on the personality of any one of the parent breeds, then it is better to give them high-quality dog food.

There is another thing that you should be aware of the amount of food depends on the size of the puppy that you have. It is best to equally split your dog’s food into two or three meals each day.

This is because the Pineranian dog breeds are known to become obese quite easily, as a lot of serious health issues can give rise to being obese. This is why you shouldn’t go overboard with treats as well.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you clearly understand the quite new designer hybrid Pineranian dog breed. Then you would get to know that these dog breeds are not easy to own, and if you have a small kid, then it is not great to own one as well. But other than that, the pupper has a sweet personality with a snuggly attitude with their owners. So if you liked this article, then give it a like and also comment down below if you wanna have a Pineranian dog like this.

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