Genetically Pitbulls are building in a very muscular manner. So if you are willing to enter your pittie in a competition, then you might wanna think of building the muscles in your pit bulls.

If you are interested in helping your dog build muscles, then these are the few things that you need to do in order to build muscles.

So if you wanna know more about it, then keep on scrolling through this article and keep on reading how you are making your pitbull dog muscular.

But First, Why Are Pitbulls So Muscular?

The shortest and simplest answer is the dog’s genetics. Pitbull breeds such as the American pit bull terrier are blessed with natural muscle mass. This is primarily because these dogs are bred from other breeds that are active like bulldogs and terriers. 

Unfortunately, Pitbulls were originally bred to be bull-baiting and fighter dogs, meaning that an intimidating and a powerful stature was technically important. Currently, there are so many people who continue to breed these dogs for normal human sports like dock jumping and weight pulling. 

The breed’s genetic predisposition means that they like being active and enjoy sporty activities – this also helps the dogs to maintain a solid muscular structure. 

Pitbull Dog Muscular: How To Grow Muscles?

Pitbull Dog Muscular How To Grow Muscles

Building muscles on your dog is not entirely like growing your own muscles, it is quite similar, yet in a way, it is different. But you should understand one thing you should not take up such a huge task of growing muscles on your Pitbull.

If you are a first-time pet parent, they can be quite difficult to handle and maintain at the same time, so I would recommend you not to, but experienced pet parents, you can take up such a challenge.

There are certain steps you need to keep in mind to be able to help your pitbull grow muscles. The process is stated down below.

1. Increasing Muscle Mass Through Feeding

Most people think that to grow muscles, the only way to do it is only exercise, but they forget that diet plays a huge role as well. A proper well, balanced diet is as important for a pitbull dog to be muscular as exercise.

A dog should get all their nutrients and important minerals and vitamins in order to help your Pitbull become muscular. A few of these important nutrients that will bulk up your dog faster are – carbs, fats, and proteins.

a. Carbohydrates

At least 40% of your dog’s diet should contain carbohydrates, as it promotes the healthy growth of body cells. To have proper health, your pittie doesn’t need a high carbohydrate content in their diet. Such as wheat products, corn, and potato.

Add it is also important to add a sufficient amount of carbs in your pitbull’s food as it is both nutritious and promotes better physical performance.

b. Protein Diet

About 40% of your Pitbull’s diet should contain protein components, it actually contributes a lot to your pitties’ growth and muscle build-up. Protein in the food ensures a healthier immune system, stronger muscles, strong bones, and better physical abilities.

c. Fat Content

About 20% of your pitties’ balanced diet should contain fat components. Although the potion is quite less, overdoing it won’t be as good for your pitbull dog muscles.

The fat nutrients, such as meat, fish, and raw eggs, actually help maintain muscle mass and helps in digestion. If you are not sure about what to give in what quantities, then you should definitely consult a vet and ask them to give a proper dietary chart.

2. Dietary Supplements For Pitbulls

Dietary Supplements For Pitbulls

To ensure that your dog gets all the vitamins and minerals, you can give them supplements along with a proper diet nutritional diet.

Few supplements of vitamins, omega acids, antioxidants, and fatty acids. This extra dosage of food supplements helps the dog to gain a well-rounded weight to keep them going.

With the help of these supplements, like omega and fatty acids, muscle pain is significantly reduced and even cured in certain cases. So they help a lot during the training and exercise period.

3. Exercise To Pave The Way

After all the nutritional diet plans, the most important thing that comes into action is a proper exercise regime. These exercise routines are quite intensive and emphasize mainly on weight gain and bulking up.

There are a few ways you can train your pitbull dog muscles to grow and become strong. Proper exercise doesn’t only enriches the body but the mind as well.

a. Long Runs & Walks

Your normal walks in the parks or runs are not gonna be enough for building pitbull dog muscles. So you have to make the walks or runs longer than usual and more intense than just strolling casually.

b. Jaw Muscles

Other than the obvious body parts, the jaw muscles should be bulked up as well to maintain a proper equal distribution of muscle weight.

A great way to start with that is a bully stick, which is made of 100% great quality beef.

Chewing on that, it provides great exercise for the jaw muscles, and at the same time, it is a great stress reliever as well.

c. Swimming

To build core muscles, nothing beats swimming, and it helps the fact that most canines love to swim. Start your pitties’ swimming lesson from 6 months old, starting with an easier session, then with proper expertise and training, the level will increase as well.

Swimming does a get a work in strengthening the muscles of your dog. But you need to keep these swimming lessons fun and absolutely stress-free, and not like a rigorous exercise regime.

4. Cardio Workout

Cardio Workout

Cardio is very important to build up the core muscles, and that is exactly what your dog needs. Since there are no such gyms for dogs, fast sprinting up and down a hill. And also, sprinting around the park is one option that is needed to build cardio.

Why Is My Pitbull Struggling To Build Muscles?

There are several factors that can have a deep impact on how easily and quickly your dog can build muscle. While some of these factors are fixed easily, other factors are sadly unsolvable. Perhaps, the most common factors in this case are as follows,

  • Age,
  • Breed Type,
  • Stress, and
  • Diet. 

Is It Healthy To Have A Muscular Pit Bull?

Yes, it is absolutely healthy to have a muscular Pit Bull. Pit Bulls are naturally muscular and it is indicative of how your dog uis cared for and has a weight that’s healthy. 

As long as your Pit Bull gets adequate amounts of downtime, rest, and nutrition, there’s no need to actually worry about your dog being too muscular. Having a more powerful, relatively larger stature will definitely not affect your Pit Bull’s behavior or temperament. 

However, a dog that is more powerful might be so hard to control – as a result, it is vital to keep this in your mind. After all, you don’t want a dog that’s aggressive, reactive, or untrained – your dog will be completely beyond your capabilities to handle.

Wrapping Up!

If you have a pitbull and want to build and grow the pitbull dog muscles, then these are a few things that you need to do. But you should know that it is gonna be really tough for both of you.

So if you are absolutely sure, then only embark on such a journey. If you liked this article, then give it a like and comment down below.

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