Traveling to a new country or relocating is another pester altogether. This makes you worry because quarantining, registering, and moving your pet to a foreign land includes several procedures and things to know.

Pet owners must make an informed decision before traveling with their pets to foreign land. Be it Canada, the UK, Singapore, Dubai, or Australia, it includes documents like certificates, dog permits, vaccination records, and various other documents.

Remember that before you plan to travel, certain nations have banned breeds, and they do not allow them due to certain concerns of aggressive behavior. Similarly, certain regulations do not allow pets to travel from areas with more rabies cases. These might make you feel unfair, but unfortunately, there is not much to worry about the rules.

Guidelines To Follow Before You Travel With Your Pet To A Foreign Land

1. Take Your Pet To The Vet

1. Take Your Pet To The Vet

Before making any considerations, remember that you can take your pet abroad; you need to figure out whether it is suitable for travel purposes. Thus, traveling foreign might be a little dangerous for some animals.

But if your pet is getting a little fragile at age or is quite an anxious animal, it might have a bad experience while traveling. Hence, avoiding traveling with your pet in this situation is wise.

Similarly, one of the best ways to come to a conclusion about whether it is not harmful to bring the four-legged friend along is to gather an opinion from a professional or from a vet. On the other hand, if your pet is not suitable to travel, fear not; there are different ways to get it to you. If you wish to initiate this, look in the tunnel services ferry.

2. Conduct Your Own Research

When you plan to travel to another country, you should research the country’s regulations which might be more structured than the other. So, before you prepare to travel to a foreign nation, look into the destination’s pet requirements.

You should take these steps since some foreign countries might not allow your pet. For instance, various European nations have banned certain breeds of birds and dogs from entering the borders.

You would even need to know which vaccine is required, whether the pet requires microchipping or needs to be quarantined for a certain period once they arrive at the destination.

3. Arrange For All The Documents

Once you know that your pet is ready for travel and can join you for travel, you should start collecting all the necessary documents. Depending on the country you plan to visit, you must check the regulations and get your VISA, pet passport, or Animal Health Certificate (AHC).

For example, people traveling from Britain with pets post-Brexit should remember that they will now be required to apply for a certificate rather than using old pet passports.

Hence, the certificate should be provided by the vet and should confirm with various health checks, which include-

  • Having a rabies vaccination.
  • Receive the tapeworm treatment.
  • Being microchipped.

These are some of the required documents that are required for travel purposes. Thus, it can vary from place to place so that one can check on the relevant country’s regulating website.

4. Look For Some Pet Relocation Services

There is no reason to fear when you are relocating with your pet to any foreign country, as there are services that you can reach out to for a helping hand.

These companies assist you with everything, from ensuring you follow the pet import regulation and rules to arranging your pet’s move.

5. Get Insurances For Your Pet

Several people decide to purchase travel insurance for their pets. Similarly, sorts of insurance protect the animals when traveling, and this covers a variety of injuries.

At the same time, pet insurance covers injuries and illness but includes diagnostic tests, medication, surgeries, and hospital stays.

The insurance plan comes in various price ranges and covers a certain time duration.

6. Contact Your Airline

One should get in touch with the airline so that they can ask about their options when it comes to traveling with their pets.

It is quite common for pets to travel on a different plane as they are sent on cargo commercial planes, although there is a special section for the animals.

It is even more common for people to fly out of the UK to be on the same plane as their pet. Thus, it is worth checking with the airlines whether this is an option for you or not.

However, certain airline has additional rules for traveling with pets, and you would also find the same on specified criteria with regards o both bringing along for the trip or considering the size of the crate.

7. Get The Right Crate Size

Make sure that your pet has a comfortable flight by offering plenty of room in its crate.

It is acknowledged that animals cannot be measured exactly and are also not the easiest to measure. Hence, with all the claws and teeth, you would need to measure the pet carefully and ensure it has enough space.

However, if you reach the pet relocation company, it will assist you in making the right move. Similarly, other requirements must be considered, so ensure you have supplied the right figures.

Remember, if you have any doubts, select a larger crate to offer your pet extra breathing space.

8. Health Certificates

Before you enter a foreign land, an international health certificate is a must while traveling. If you have plans to travel to the UAE o any other country, you should take the pet to the vet for a check-up and collect the health certificate ten days before traveling.

Thus, the certificate requires to be signed by an official veterinarian. However, your pet’s health certificate is valid after the date of issue under certain considerations, and they are-

  • Four months for onward traveling with the European nation.
  • Ten days for its entry within Northern Ireland or in European Nations.
  • Lastly, the four months for making a re-entry in Great Britain.

Ensuring A Pet-Comfortable Trip

It might be difficult for you to travel with your pets sometimes, but following the above guidelines will make your travel hassle-free.

To make the travel more comfortable, you can offer a similar blanket to your pet so that they feel more relaxed during the journey. Thus, if they are up to eating once they arrive, they carry some of their favorite food on hand.

In order to welcome your companion in a foreign land, you can offer them some comforts to help them adjust to the change they would face.

If you are confident about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to traveling with your pet to a new place, it eventually gets easier for your companion as well.

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