Most people in the world love keeping pets. It is just that their preferences differ. Some are fond of fish, while others are crazy about dogs. Likewise, there is a huge mass of people who love keeping cats as pets. 

Now, there are a lot of cat breeds that are safe and entertaining to keep as pets. However, very few cat-loving people are aware of them. 

Well, if you are planning to pet a cat anytime soon, consider giving this article a read. Here are the details about fifteen types of cats that can become the support system of your American household.

Fifteen Best Cat Types For Families To Keep in 2022

Here is the list of fifteen cat breeds that you can keep in your house. All the cats in this list gel well with other pet animals like cats and dogs and even tolerate the tantrums of your kids up to a certain limit. So, now you can take a look at the list below:

1. Birman Cats

Birman Cats

Birman cats are fluffy cat breeds that are good pet animals. They have an even temper, and you can find them giving a good time to the toddlers. You can even find a rare Birman cat with a dual skin tone of black and white.

2. Exotic Shorthair Cats

Exotic Shorthair Cats

When it comes to cross cat breeds that are good pets. You can consider the Exotic Shorthairs to steal the show. These are one of the cutest cat breeds that can stay at your place. You can expect these cats to meow more, but they have a shrill voice that would not bother you much.

3. Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are large cat breeds that can be intelligent pets. However, you have to check for its genetic distance from its leopard cat forefather. Expect to observe all traits of a leopard in these cats as they love to walk and climb. You can expect these cats to mostly play around

4. Abyssinian Cats

The Abyssinians are one of the pet-perfect cat breeds you can think of. Well, these cats can actively move around your house and get along with other animals like cats and dogs. If you keep a couple, you can even expect them to breed.

5. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex

Among the different cat breeds, the Cornish Rex are playful cats that have big eyes and curly hair. They generally remain hyperactive, so you can expect them to be good friends to your children. Expect these cats to run and climb around your place.

6. Burmese Cats

 Burmese Cats

Like the Cornish Rex, Burmese Cats are also owner-friendly. Moreover, it has a unique outlook, and it resembles any black cat breed. You can even look for a black Burmese cat. Well, these cats have a nature to stick around their owners most of the time. So, if you need an all-time companion, you can go for Burmese cats.   

7. Manx


The Manx cat can be the best pet for you if you are looking for a serious but loving cat. When looking for a Manx, you are likely to find black or grey cat breeds. If you try to be a good person to this cat, it can successfully create a bond with you.

8. Himalayan Cats

The Himalayas are haired cat breeds that can again be good pets. Often, you can find these cats to be bulky and lazy. However, if you are looking for an animal to show some unconditional love, the Himalayan cats can be the best. You can even train the Himalayan cats. 

9. Siamese Cats

There are many families who like vocal cats. So, if you belong to one such family, get a Siamese cat. You would thank these cats for their high inquisitiveness. So, you can expect them to take good care of your household. The Siamese cats can gel up with other animals in the house.  

10. Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish Fold Cats

The Scottish Fold cat breeds are well-behaved and have an adorable look. They can be outstanding pets and can mingle around with kids and good dogs. Moreover, you can train them well like king shepherds. So, you can choose one of these as your pet.

11. Devon Rex

Devon Rex

If you wish to keep one of the rare cat breeds, you can bring a Devon Rex kitten to your place this year. Expect it to grow up as a good cat with cute curly fur. You can have a good time spending time with it as it can accompany you with the vocals. 

12. Ragamuffin


The Ragamuffin is a cuddle-friendly cat that would rest on your arms for hours. If you raise up the Ragamuffin cat breeds, expect them to build attachments with all the family members, including the kids. You can get a brown cat Ragamuffin if you are lucky.

13. British Shorthair Cats

British Shorthair Cats

Shorthairs are stout cats, and they always tend to maintain their own charisma. Well, if you are looking for a rugged cat that is not too clingy, bring one of these cat breeds and pet it. If you are okay with black cats to pet, you should put effort into searching for one such cat.

14. Siberian Cats

Siberian Cats

Are you settled at a place where there is sub-zero temperature? Well, do not think much and bring a Siberian cat to your place. This cat can be the best one to look after you and your place. Moreover, these do not need any extra pampering and can stay at your place quite comfortably. 

15. Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll Cats

The Ragdolls are pure breed cats that are perfectly made for the family. Well, as pure breeds, they can be good attention seekers. So, if you are bringing this cat home, make sure to give it a good time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many Cat Types Are There?

More than 7 types of cat breeds exist in this world.

2. Are All Breeds Of Cats In The Same Family?

Yes, all breeds of the cats are from the Felidae family

3. What Are The 7 Types Of Big Cats?

The seven types of big cats found in the world are lion, tiger, jaguar, puma, lynx, and cheetah.

4. What Is The Number 1 Cat Breed?

The shorthair cats are the number one cat breed.

Final Words

Family cat breeds are one of the best animals you can keep at home. They are not much aggressive and keep you and all other members at your place happy.

So, if you are willing to bring a pet anytime soon, try to get a cat among these breeds. You can expect to have an overall good time.

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