Do you always think outside the box and like getting something others won’t even consider? Well, have you ever considered having a pet? Then you can go for a hedgehog. But when choosing a hedgehog, you need to be careful. 

Choose a hedgehog that seems energetic and healthy, and look if they have redness around its eyes or any kind of discharge. But that is not all that you need to know. It is important to know how to take care of a baby hedgehog.

People often ask how much does a baby hedgehog cost? And the answer is it costs around $100 to $300, so before investing the money, check the one you are taking home properly.

Guide To Taking Care Of A Hedgehog.

taking care of a Hedgehog

You must have learned that knowing how to care for a hedgehog is important, as they are unusual pets. They need good care, and below are some basics you can do.

Give Them Proper Housing

Proper Housing

Hedgehogs are generally very active and require some extra space to move around. You need to have a big cage or an enclosed space to keep them safe when you are not around. This is necessary as they have a tendency to escape whenever they get the chance. Also, keep a small box where they can keep themselves hidden during the day. Keep an optimum temperature to make them comfortable.

Give Them The Correct Food

Correct Food

Keeping the food right out of the box where they sleep during the day is important. They eat only once or twice during the day. Hedgehogs like fresh bugs, insects, and worms, but minced meat or rice would work for them. You can also give them low-fat cat food or dog food. Once in a while, you can give them fresh fruits. But make sure you are not feeding them too much.

Keep Their Living Space Clean

Living Space Clean

Clean their cage at least once a week, clean any leftover food, if there is any, and clean their feces from their living space. Do not forget to keep the hiding box clean. It is okay to give your hedgehog baby a bath occasionally. But this can only be done if they like a bath; if they don’t, then don’t put them through unnecessary trauma.

Check For Diseases

Check For Diseases

Hedgehogs get fleas like any other small mammal. It is important to check them regularly, and if you see any fleas, use the flea deterrent which you would use on a kitten or cat. Hedgehogs often get worms, pneumonia, or diarrhea. If you feel that the hedgehog or hedgehog baby is sick, take them to see a vet. 

Some other diseases that hedgehogs often get are squamous cell carcinoma which is cancer for hedgehogs, a fatty liver that happens from improper diet, and they often get heart diseases at well. If you see them shedding their spines, it can be a sign that your hedgehog is missing.

Give Them Space

Give Them Space

Hedgehogs can try to be anti-social when they don’t know you well. It takes them time to get used to you. They would like to have some space during this time. Do not try to micromanage them during this time. This might cause a negative effect and might not trust you. They don’t enjoy cuddling; if you see them getting rolled up in a defensive position, leave them alone.

When Is It Appropriate To Touch Baby Hedgehogs?

Appropriate To Touch Baby Hedgehogs

Before handling them, waiting until the hedgehog is at least 15 days old is best. Hedgehog babies are not fully developed until they reach the 2-week mark, and they need the constant care of their mother. If the mother sees you getting too close, they can leave the litter in anxiety, which can be fatal for the baby hedgehog. 

It can also be dangerous for you because newborn baby hedgehogs are often very sharp and can bite you. After two weeks, it becomes slightly easy to handle them as they have a better chance of surviving if they are cautiously handled. Wear protective gloves and make them feel safe so they do not attack you.

Daytime Activity For Baby Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are generally nocturnal, but some reasons make them come out during the day. When a hedgehog mother is nursing or pregnant, they might go out to find food for their baby, and they don’t leave the baby behind. They take the hedgehog baby along with them.

Also, if the mother has abandoned her babies, then the babies have to go out during the day to find themselves some food during the day. So, contacting an experienced wildlife rehabilitator who can guide you through the situation is best.

The Growth Rate For Hedgehog Babies

Hedgehog babies or hoglets grow very fast during their first few weeks. Within a few days of their birth, they can get their weight doubled, and within six weeks, they usually get ten times longer than the size they were born. After this period, they grow at a much slower rate. After a year, they grow to their full adult size, and the growth stops.

Wrapping Up!

To summarize, it is better to give them 15 days before handling, or the mother hedgehog may run away, leaving its baby alone, or it can kill its own baby. This is not uncommon. A mother hedgehog eats her own babies when she doesn’t recognize them as their own. 

Giving them a proper diet is necessary, and giving them space is also necessary. Just be cautious and give them time until they have warmed up to your presence, or they might cause you harm if they feel they are in danger.

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