The unique thing about the white German shepherds is their snow-white fur, which contributes to their gentle and less intimidating personalities as well.

Genetically White German Shepherds are the same as any other colored German Shepherd. According to the AKC American Kennel Club, “the second most registered breed. They are very popular working dogs who are known for their work as police dogs, military dogs, and herding dogs. They are also very popular family dog because of their loyalty and protective nature.”

Although White German Shepherds are exactly the same as other German Shepherds, they are not known for their intimidation or aggressiveness. They are more gentle in their nature, so they are not great as police or military dogs but great as family dogs.

So if you wanna know more about these White Geman Shepherds, then you are at the right place, so keep on scrolling and keep reading this article.

1. German Shepherds Have Large Ears  

German Shepherds Have Large Ears

After you see a White German Shepherd, the second thing that you will notice after the white color is its large ears. These large ears help them to hear more clearly and from a far distance. But these large ears do need cleaning on a regular basis.  

2. They’re Very Protective  

It is well established that German Shepherds are the most loyal and protective among most dog breeds. They are highly dedicated and attached to their families, which is why they will stop at nothing to protect the ones they love.

They will always stand by your side in case of any danger and will put their life at risk to protect yours. Also, they won’t stop until and unless everyone’s safe.

3. They Love To Be Vocal   

They Love To Be Vocal

If you get a White German Shepherd, then be ready to non stop arguing, howling, barking, moaning, and growling. They are a very vocal dog breed by nature.

Their barking is not an act of aggression, but they are simply talking to you. But this might not be the dog for you if you like to have a little peace and quiet at home.

4. Cuddles Are Normal  

Cuddles Are Normal

It doesn’t matter if they are large dogs, White German Shepherds love to cuddle and snuggle with you. Due to their size, some people tend to train them not to get up on furniture, but that is totally upto you.

If you like to have a snuggle buddy when you are sleeping, then they are a great breed for you to have as a pet.

5. German Shepherds Pick Up On Emotions  

Most dog breeds are great at picking up the emotions of humans. But among these dog breeds, the German Shepherd is better, which is because they are great at being emotional support animals.

Due to their sharp intelligence and killer instincts, they are great at understanding human emotions and feelings.

6. Hip Dysplasia Is A Concern  

Larger dogs are prone to getting hip dysplasia during their growing and developing years. Although it might not be obvious in the initial years, it can become a problem in their later years.

So when you are getting a White German Shepherd, then you should get one from a reputed breeder. So that you are able to know the genetic material of your white German Shepherd puppy.

7. Brush Them Regularly  

The coat of a white German shepherd is gorgeous and beautiful, but you need to understand that they shed a lot. So you need to brush your white German shepherd on a daily basis.

If you want, then you should train them not to climb up on the bed and furniture as well, to keep them clean. And due to this brushing, their fur doesn’t get all matted up.

White German Shepherd Facts  

White German Shepherd Facts

Here are a few amazing facts about white German Shepherds that you might find interesting.

  • They have what is called a snow nose. It means in the summer, they have a black nose, and in the winter, they have a grey one.
  • There are both long-medium haired white German Shepherds, but mostly the white ones are common.
  • Since they are not as courageous as the tanned or black German shepherd, so they are not used as police or even as military guard dogs. They are more gentle yet less aggressive, best suited as a family dog.
  • White German Shepherd puppies grow into adult size in about four months’ time. And by four months old, they weigh about 35 pounds.
  • Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hanks, and Miley Cyrus all own or had owned White German Shepherds.
  • A white German Shepherd and an albino German Shepherd are not the same. Albinism is known as a genetic disorder, while on the other hand, white is just another color.
  • A white German Shepherd puppy is a bit different than a tan and black German Shepherd. They are a bit different genetically, although they are considered the same breed.

Wrapping Up!  

Now that you have a good idea about what it would be like to adopt a white German Shepherd, then go ahead and get one.

These dogs are great and will be a perfect members of your family. So if you liked this article, then give it a like and comment down below.

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