Looking for a cute and smart designer dog breed? Meet the Aussiedoodle – Part workaholic, part goofball, the Aussiedoodle has become incredibly popular over the last decade. And no wonder, with their fun-loving temperament, striking looks, and hypoallergenic coat, they make an ideal companion for both singles and families.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Aussiedoodle breed from their history and characteristics to grooming needs and health. By the end, you’ll be obsessed and wondering where you can get one! While they require daily exercise and attention, the rewards of owning an Aussiedoodle are huge. So if you’re looking for a dog with personality, smarts and style, the Aussiedoodle could be your perfect match. Read on to find out more about this charming mix.

What Is an Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix (Aussiedoodle)?  

What Is an Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix (Aussiedoodle)

An Aussiedoodle is a designer dog breed that mixes an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. Breeders started developing Aussiedoodles in the 1990s to create a friendly, energetic and intelligent hybrid.

These charming mixed breed dogs have become popular family pets. Aussiedoodles tend to be playful, gentle and affectionate. They make great companions for active owners and families with children.

Aussiedoodles can vary in size depending on the size of the Poodle parent, ranging from small to large. A mini Aussiedoodle results from breeding a miniature Poodle with an Australian Shepherd. A standard Aussiedoodle comes from a standard Poodle and Australian Shepherd mix. Similarly, the toy aussiedoodle is obtained by breeding a toy poodle with a small sized Australian Shepherd.

In terms of appearance, full grown Aussiedoodles often inherit the Australian Shepherd’s signature merle coat coloring and the Poodle’s cute, fluffy curls. Their coat is usually wavy to curly, ranging from loose waves to tight curls. Regular grooming is needed to prevent matting and tangles.

Aussiedoodles puppies tend to be easy to train, alert, and energetic. They require daily exercise and activity to prevent boredom and behavioral issues. Aussiedoodles can make excellent agility or obedience dogs for the right owner.

Overall, the Aussiedoodle is a charming mixed breed that makes a perfect companion for an active family or owner looking for an intelligent, fun-loving dog. With the right care and training, an Aussiedoodle will be a loving member of the family for many years.

Aussiedoodle Temperament and Appearance

Aussiedoodles are a designer breed, a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. This crossbreed is known for being an energetic, friendly and intelligent companion.

Aussiedoodle Temperament and Appearance


Aussiedoodles can vary in size and appearance, but usually have a shaggy, curly coat, a long muzzle, and floppy ears. Their coat comes in a variety of colors like blue merle, red merle, black, and white. Since Poodles are bred in three sizes, Aussiedoodle size can range from toy to large as well.

These dogs have an energetic, lively temperament and require daily exercise and play. They are very smart and enjoy activities that engage their mind, so they need interactive play and training to prevent boredom. However, with their fun-loving and social personality, Aussiedoodles can make great family dogs and bond very closely with their owners.

Training and Exercising an Aussiedoodle  

Training and exercising your Aussiedoodle properly is key to having a happy, healthy companion.

Training and Exercising an Aussiedoodle

Basic Training  

House training an Aussiedoodle puppy should start as soon as you bring them home. Take the puppy out frequently, especially after they eat, drink or wake up. Reward and praise them when they go to the bathroom outside. Never punish for accidents inside, just thoroughly clean the area to remove the smell.

Once your Aussiedoodle has the hang of house training, move on to basic obedience training. Use positive reinforcement techniques like treats, play and praise. Keep training sessions short and fun, around 10-15 minutes a couple times a day. Focus on simple commands like:

  • Sit: Have a treat in your hand, hold it over the puppy’s head and say “sit”. Once they sit, say “good sit!” and give the treat.
  • Stay: Have the puppy sit, hold a treat in your open palm and say “stay”. If they remain sitting, praise, treat and pet them. Practice this multiple times per session.
  • Come: Play with a toy or treat in your hand while calling the puppy’s name. Once they come over, crouch down, say “come!” enthusiastically and give lots of praise and treats. This helps them associate coming when called with rewards.


Aussiedoodles are an energetic breed and require daily exercise and play. Aim for 30-60 minutes of activity per day to keep your Aussiedoodle happy and prevent behavior problems. Some great exercise options include:

  • Walks: Take your Aussiedoodle for walks around the neighborhood. Increase the distance and duration as they get into better shape.
  • Play fetch: Aussiedoodles usually love playing fetch. Play fetch in a safely fenced area or take them to a dog park.
  • Agility training: Once basics are mastered, consider agility training. Things like obstacle courses, hopping over small hurdles and weaving through poles are great mental and physical exercise.
  • Swimming: Many Aussiedoodles enjoy swimming. Take your dog to dog-friendly lakes, beaches and pools for a fun workout. Always supervise them closely in water.

Providing the necessary attention through training, socialization, exercise and play will help ensure your Aussiedoodle grows into a well-adjusted family member. Be patient and consistent, give them tasks to do and enjoy this energetic breed!

Grooming and Health Considerations for Aussiedoodles  

As an Aussiedoodle owner, grooming and health care are important to keep in mind. These mixed breed dogs have a coat that requires frequent brushing and bathing. They are also prone to certain health issues you’ll want to be aware of.

Grooming and Health Considerations for Aussiedoodles


Aussiedoodles need brushing 2-3 times a week to prevent matting and tangles. Their soft, wavy coat can get unruly without regular grooming. You’ll want to bathe your Aussiedoodle every 4-6 weeks using a high-quality dog shampoo and conditioner. Bathing too frequently can dry out their skin and coat.

After bathing, comb through the coat with a wide-tooth comb and then use a slicker brush to smooth it. Pay extra attention to mat-prone areas like behind the ears, under the legs, and near the tail. You should also regularly check and clean your Aussiedoodle’s ears, trim their nails, and brush their teeth.

Professional grooming every 6-8 weeks for aussiedoodle haircuts and styling is also recommended. Aussiedoodles can have a variety of clips, including the popular teddy bear cut. Work with a groomer experienced with doodle coats for the best results.


Some health issues to be aware of with Aussiedoodles include:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia: Have your Aussiedoodle’s joints tested and only buy from breeders that screen for dysplasia.
  • Eye disease: Regular eye exams by a vet are important to screen for progressive retinal atrophy and cataracts.
  • Allergies: Aussiedoodles can be prone to food allergies, atopic dermatitis, and other allergic reactions. Watch for excessive scratching, licking paws, ear infections, and skin problems.
  • Bloat: Feed your Aussiedoodle two or three small meals a day instead of one large meal to reduce the risk of gastric dilatation volvulus (bloat).

With proper care and vet checkups, an Aussiedoodle can live 12-15 years or more. Giving your dog plenty of exercise, high-quality food, grooming, and vet care will help keep them happy and healthy for life.

Dietary and Living Requirements  

As a breed that is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, the Aussiedoodle has certain dietary and living requirements to keep them healthy and happy.

Dietary and Living Requirement


An Aussiedoodle should be fed a high-quality dog food that is formulated for medium to large breed dogs. Look for a dog food that lists a meat like beef, chicken, or fish as the first ingredient. Avoid dog foods with a lot of filler like corn or wheat. Some good options for Aussiedoodles include:

  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness
  • Wellness CORE
  • Merrick Grain-Free

You’ll want to feed an Aussiedoodle 2-3 cups of dry food per day, split into two meals. Measure out the recommended amount for your dog’s age and size, but also keep an eye on their body condition to determine if you need to feed a little more or less. It’s best for an Aussiedoodle to stay at a healthy weight to avoid issues like joint problems or other obesity-related diseases.

Fresh, clean water should be available at all times. Limit treats to no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calories to avoid weight gain or nutritional imbalance.

Exercise and Living Space  

The Aussiedoodle is an energetic breed that requires daily exercise and stimulation. Plan on exercising an Aussiedoodle for at least 30-60 minutes a day to keep them happy and well-behaved. Walks, jogs, hikes, fetch, and training sessions are all great ways to exercise this breed.

Aussiedoodles can live in apartments or homes and do not require a yard, but they are active dogs and will need their people to make the commitment to properly exercise them every day. They can do well with alone for parts of the day as long as they receive attention, exercise, training, and play when their owners are home. Crate training from an early age can help prevent separation anxiety in this breed.

With the right diet, exercise, training, and care, an Aussiedoodle can make a wonderful lifelong companion for many years. Meeting their needs and keeping them active and stimulated will help ensure a happy, healthy dog.

Finding and Choosing an Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Puppy  

Finding and Choosing an Australian Shepherd Poodle Mix Puppy

Finding an Aussiedoodle puppy can be challenging, as they have become more popular in recent years. Here are some tips to help you in your search:

Check Local Shelters and Rescues  

Often puppies that are given up for adoption come from shelters and rescues. Check with places like the Humane Society in your area, as well as breed-specific rescues. You may be able to provide a loving home to a Aussiedoodle in need of one.

Research Reputable Breeders  

If you want to buy from a breeder, do some research to find one that is responsible and reputable. You can use keywords like aussiedoodle for sale to search for a breeder near you. Ask them about the health of the parents and if genetic testing was done. See if you can visit their facility. Reputable breeders will also often have a waiting list, so you may need to get on one in advance.

Be Prepared to Pay  

You can expect to pay between $1,000 to $3,000 for an Aussiedoodle puppy. The exact price will depend on factors like the puppy’s age, size, and the breeder. Some breeders may charge more for “rare” coat colors or smaller sizes. Don’t be tempted by lower prices, as this could indicate irresponsible breeding practices.

Consider Both Puppy and Adult Dogs  

While puppies can be adorable, don’t overlook adopting an adult Aussiedoodle. Adult dogs are often already housebroken and have gone through the chewing phase. They can make great companions, even if you miss out on the puppy stage.

Choosing an Aussiedoodle is a big decision, but by doing your research, checking local shelters, and finding a reputable breeder, you’ll increase your chances of finding a healthy, happy pup to join your family. With love and patience, you’ll have a faithful companion for years to come.

Final Thoughts  

These playful, energetic pups can make amazing companions if you’re ready to commit the time and patience required to care for them properly. Their hybrid vigor and trainability mean you’ll have a clever, devoted sidekick for many years. While they require daily activity and attention, Aussiedoodles will reward you with plenty of laughs and love. If you’ve been looking to add a furry friend to your family, the Aussiedoodle could be the perfect match. Just be sure to find a reputable breeder, commit to positive reinforcement training, and brush up regularly to avoid those dreaded mats and tangles. With the right care and affection, an Aussiedoodle will become your most faithful adventure buddy for life.

Let us know what you think of this charming designer dog breed in the comments below!

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