Popularly known as the “Golden Retrievers of the feline world,” the American Bobtail cat breed is loved for its wild, unique appearances and shortened nails. However, these are quite uncommon to spot in the US. The best thing about these cutie pies? 

They love to play and have an affectionate, docile as well as sweet nature. Many of these cats even love to fetch and can be easily trained to do leash walking. Ideal as pets for homes with other pets or even older kids. 

Moreover, the friendly and adaptable personalities make these feline creatures perfect for any home when you think about it. Often employed in the position of therapy cats, these cats can be great companions to long-distance truckers and even strangers. 

Keep reading to find out more about these cuties!

The American Bobtail Cat: Cuteness Overloaded

 Bobtail Cat: Cuteness Overloaded

The American Bobtail Cat is a muscular, strong breed with genetic predispositions for specific health conditions. What most Bobtail breeders point out about these cats is that pedigreed cats have not yet been used for developing the breed, which ensures a pretty vast gene pool. 

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The Bobtail breed is like the golden retriever of cats. Check out the Breed overview below! 

Weight7 to 16 pounds
CoatTypically shaggy (short – long)
Coat ColorAny pattern or color
Eye ColorYellow, Blue, Copper, Green, Gold
Life Expectancy13 – 15 years
Characteristics Of The American

Characteristics Of The American Bobtail:

Now that you have some knowledge about the bobtail cat breed let’s check out the characteristics of the same!

Level Of AffectionHigh
FriendlinessModerate – High
Kid-FriendlinessModerate – High
Exercise NeedsModerate
PlayfulnessModerate – High
Level Of EnergyModerate
Vocalizing TendenciesModerate
Shedding AmountModerate – High

What Breed Is My Cat?

The American Bobtail Cat: History

If you look for a cat without tail on search engines, you will come across the American Bobtail cat breed. This is because the shortened tail of this breed is the natural result of a harmless genetic mutation. 

But it was only in the 1960s when this breed was finally given an official status when John Sanders and his wife, Brenda, spotted a bobtail while vacationing in Arizona. That was not all. 

They even allowed the bobtail cat to mate, and that also with their female cat. When they returned to Iowa, they had an entire litter of kittens. After the birth of the OG bobtail litter, cat breeders chose to breed these kittens because of their exotic appearances, shortened tails, muscular, sturdy bodies, and sweet personalities. 

It’s vital to take note that no pedigreed kittens; rather, cats were used for producing the Bobtail litter, thereby making their gene pool quite vast. 

Since the development of the American Bobtail cat breed in 1960, these cats have been recognized officially by none other than the International Cat Association, the American Cat Fanciers Association, and even the Cat Fanciers Association.

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Health Is Wealth…And The Bobtails Agree!

The massive gene pool of the American bobtail cat breed has made sure that these are all healthy cats with little or no predispositions for any inherited health condition. But then again, that is no indication as to the fact that these cuties will hardly ever experience any kind of health problems.

In this context, it is vital that you note Bobtails that don’t have tails might experience spinal issues, which in turn can cause fecal incontinence. 

If you want to purchase a bobtail from a breeder, get a written guarantee on the cat’s health for assurance against such issues. It is better you do this for whichever fat cat breed you opt to buy in the long run – from the bobtail to the Abyssinian cat breed. 

Additionally, the American Bobtail breed can also experience other health issues such as

  • Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD): 

PKD or Polycystic Kidney Disease is one condition that is characterized by the development of a cyst or cysts in either one or even both kidneys. 

  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: 

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is a condition that witnesses the unhealthy thickening of heart muscles. In case you are worried about your cat’s health issues, get in touch with your vet regarding preventive measures for ensuring a healthy, happy, and long life for your cat.

  • Nutrition And Diet:

The diet of your American bobtail cat will completely rely on the cutie’s age, general health, and activity levels. At the same time, this breed needs to be fed food that’s high in protein and quality. If you want to make some varied additions to your cat’s diet, you can always opt for mixing wet and dry food sometimes in a week.

  • Obesity: 

Obesity happens to be a common problem, prevalent in all cat breeds. So it is vital that you follow some set guidelines a little closely while providing treats in a little moderation. If you aren’t convinced about how to feed your cat, it’s best that you consult with your vet about the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Breed Of Cat Has A Bobtail?

One of the most uncommon domestic cat breeds, the bobtail breed, first appeared in the 1960s. These are known for their shortened tails, exotic appearances, and sweet personalities. These cats are also known for their playful and friendly nature.

2. How Much Is A Bobtail Cat Worth In India?

Do you know the American Bobtail price in India? In India, the bobtail cat breed will cost you somewhere between 30 thousand to 70 thousand. In the United States, the same would cost somewhere between 600 to 1000 dollars.

3. Are Bobtail Cats Smart?

Great looks aren’t the only thing that matters to the American bobtails. They are also known for their impressive personalities. This breed happens to be friendly, intelligent, and even playful. The bobtail breed enjoys spending time in the company of family and even other pets.

American Bobtails: The Purrfect Pet Out There

The American Bobtail cat breed is perhaps the purrfect pet for you. But before getting one, it’s best that you do your research right! Moreover, these cats are pretty low-maintenance and naturally require grooming as well as playtime, making them susceptible to several conditions related to the spinal cord. 

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments below.

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