Blue, a beagle that was lost in a subway station in NYC, was reunited with his whole family, thanks to an employee in MTA who saw the scared canine.

James Dineen, a painter for the MTA, told People that he was close to the end of a train platform in Brooklyn’s Bay 50th Street station when a dog randomly came to him, running.

Initially, he thought that the dog actually belonged to two different women sitting on a bench nearby. But when he started to play with the dog, he realized that the dog was “shaking and crying and freezing.”

He told the women then that the dog should be kept on a leash, and the women clarified that they didn’t own the dog. Hearing that, Dineen took action. He later said, “I knew I had to do something. I can’t leave the dog there.”

So, he just took the dog to meet his colleagues, and the poor beagle met his friends.

At this point, he said, “There are 40 guys in my shop, and this dog fell in love with everybody. I mean, he was running around like a newborn puppy, playing with everybody, going in between feet, and just rolling on his belly. He was just so happy. I guess he just knew he was around people that he could trust. This dog was so lovable. He was starving and thirsty. He was just eating everything in sight. I don’t know how long he was out.”

Dineen and his colleagues took the doggo to the police in order to check for a piece of microchip. When they found the number, no officially registered owner actually came up. One colleague of Dineen took the beagle home for the night.

A Facebook post was created on the “lost pets of Brooklyn,” and then, for the next few days, the colleagues took turns looking after the beagle.

Soon, the dog’s owners reached out through the post on Facebook, and the dog was reunited with its family.

Dineen said, “It was touching. My dog just died a year ago. It’s the same size dog. … If any of us lost an animal, you want it back. You can’t sleep. You’re just messed up. It was a nice feeling that, you know what, it paid off, everything that we did. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out the right way. And this one, this was a good story.”


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